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We're not just a digital marketing agency; we're your dedicated launchpad for turning ideas into thriving ventures. Experts in the Australian landscape, we specialize in Crowdfunding, marketing and digital solutions to generate growth and leave a lasting impression.
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A selection of marketing images for the PhycoHealth Crowdfunding campaign.A selection of marketing images for the Grow it Local Crowdfunding campaign.A selection of marketing images for the Wavie Crowdfunding campaign.

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Testimonial from Andy Dunn, cofounder of Wavie.

Andy Dunn

Co-Founder, Wavie

Pippa helped us navigate our whirlwind ECF campaign and was instrumental to our success. Her determination, dedication and quick problem solving skills were exceptional and we are truly grateful that she managed the full marketing side of our campaign. Late nights, early mornings and weekends we're not expected, but Pippa managed our campaign with the utmost dedication.

Testimonial from Summer Petrosius, cofounder of kindship.

Summer petrosius

Co-Founder, Kindship

I engaged Pippa to assist with campaign copywriting for our most recent ECF raise. Pippa went above and beyond to understand the nuances of our business and investment opportunity and became a vital member of our campaign strategy team. I would highly recommend Pippa's support to those considering or embarking on an ECF raise.

Testimonial from Pia Winberg, Founder of PhycoHealth.

Pia winberg

Founder, PhycoHealth

An invaluable asset and the secret sauce of our success in the campaign. With Pippa and Social Start-Up labs at the helm we slid elegantly and rapidly into a world of no fuss, direct brilliance, execution and delivery in a time span of weeks. I would describe Pippa as the most trusty and enlightened captain and navigator of the voyage.  Thank you Pippa!

Testimonial from Moya Yang, founder of MOYA London.

MOyang Yang

Founder, MOYA London

It’s been my absolute pleasure to work with Pippa on my crowdfunding project. Not only she was professional and knowledgeable in crowdfunding, she also has a great network of people in branding, marketing and PR areas. My project was fully funded and it would not have happened without her. I would highly recommend Pippa to anyone who is looking for help to take a product to market.

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If you’re looking to use crowdfunding to raise capital, or want to find out how to launch a successful campaign we’re here to help with all aspects of the project.
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