How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign

Social Startup Labs
February 22, 2019

To start a crowdfunding campaign, you first need to choose a crowdfunding platform that suits your needs.
In Australia, there are several platforms to choose from, and each has different features, fees, and requirements. Some of Australia’s largest platforms include;

Once you’ve selected a platform, you will need to create a campaign page that describes your project, prototype or venture, set a funding goal, and outline the rewards or incentives that you will offer to backers/investors.

After launching the campaign, you can start promoting it to your network and on social media. It is important to set realistic funding goals and create a detailed plan for how you will promote your campaign and reach potential backers/investors. To promote your campaign you will need to invest in marketing and promotional strategies, such as paid advertising or influencer outreach, to ensure that your campaign reaches a wide audience.

As backers pledge funds to your campaign, the funds are held by the crowdfunding platform. If your campaign reaches its funding goal, the funds are released to you (minus any platform fees). If the campaign does not reach its goal, the pledges are refunded to the backers.

Once your campaign is successfully funded, you will need to fulfil any rewards or incentives that you offered to backers. This can include shipping products, providing services, or fulfilling other promises made in your campaign. It is also important to keep your backers informed and engaged throughout the campaign and beyond. This can include providing regular updates on the project's progress, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and showing appreciation for your backers' support.

In conclusion, crowdfunding campaigns offer a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, artists, and other creators to raise capital directly from their audience.

Successful campaigns require effective marketing and communication strategies, as well as a compelling project concept and a strong community of supporters. With the right planning and execution, crowdfunding can be a powerful tool for bringing creative projects and innovative ideas to life.

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